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Every single detail in Highland Audio speakers has been thought to deliver the best performance.

The high and narrow aesthetic, although it satisfies decorative criteria, was primarily selected for its acoustic qualities. The narrow cabinet frontage does not cause harmful diffraction for the signal's legibility. The height of the cabinet was specifically selected to position the acoustic centre of the speaker at your ears'height. This architecture considerably reduces the ground effects. This explains that the initial reflection does not mix too early with the direct signal. The signal is thus more accurate.

At the end of the production line, each finished loudspeaker is tested, with sophisticated digital measurement tools. The tolerance rate is 2.5%.

The floorstand speakers are fixed on plinths, massive and inert basis, mounted on spikes. This decoupling is important for the response in the low frequencies. For instance, in the reproduction of percussions, you will recognise the accuracy of the original instrument, with sharp attacks and no echo effect. The Stand plays the same role for the bookshelf models, since it ensures an ultimate rigidity.

A double set of gold-plated end connectors is used to allow single wiring, bi-wiring and bi-amp connections with large size cables.

The filter uses audio condensers selected for their musical quality. The 1" tweeter used in every Highland Audio speaker has a Titanium dome. This metal has very specific characteristics. Its great rigidity, combined with its extreme lightness, results in an excellent pulse response.

The tweeters are also equipped with back cooling heat sink, to ensure a constant heat dissipation and to avoid thermal distortion (this distortion is due to the non-linear characteristic of the magnetic system contingent on the temperature).


The boomers use a high energy ferrite magnetic system. The membranes are made up with metal/ceramic of 0,15 mm thickness. This material provides an excellent frequency response.


The boomers include a magnetic shield to place them near any TV set. The drivers are hand assembled with rigorous controls at each level of the production. This ensures the reliability of all drivers that will equip your Highland Audio speakers.


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